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LoRa plug-in module

Example of a LoRa “easy-install” plug-in module
for a JAZZ PLC from Unitronics

LoRa plug-in module for PLCs

Inter Act has developed a compact LoRa interface module for connecting very small PLC controllers to TeleControlNet. The module communicates with standard PLCs via RS232 with MODbus protocol (versions with Narrowband IoT and RS485 communication are under development).

The figure shows the easy-install module for a standard JAZZ PLC. The module can be easily plugged into the add-on interface of the JAZZ PLC.

The module is configured for the standard Inter Act single- and double-pump control software. With the module, the TeleControlNet server periodically retrieves trend and status data. The start and stop levels of the pump can also be changed remotely.

Finally, the module can detect and report a power failure due to a built-in UPS. On request, the operating functions can be extended or adapted according to customer requirements, or the module can be connected to a customers own process controller.

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LoRa plug-in module for PLCs

The easy-install module in a JAZZ PLC from Unitronics