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Workshops (Corona-proof)

Inter Act follows the current corona guidelines that apply to the Netherlands and this also applies to our workshops. We have made the necessary arrangements and if you would like to know more about this, please contact us.

The aim of the workshops is to introduce participants to the ever-growing functionality of TeleControlNet and to increase user dexterity. Depending on the experience of the participants, there are different levels. In addition to technical training, we also inform participants about the latest developments such as:

  • Maintenance based on prediction.
  • New security measures.
  • New LoRa & NBIoT products..

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1. Workshop “Beginner / Refresher”
For the "beginner user" or "for a refresher of TeleContolNet use". For users who have to deal with TeleControlNet in daily practice: from field technician to system administrator.

Purpose of the workshop
  • Operation and management of pumping stations and facilities.
  • Set up and handle fault messages.
  • Enter maintenance reports.
  • Dealing with graphs.
  • Create and modify templates attributes.
  • Use of apps.

2. Workshop "Expert"
For the "experienced user" who works with TeleControlNet in daily practice. The purpose of this workshop is to deepen in advanced functions and explain new developments.

Purpose of the workshop
  • Create fault service schedules.
  • Authorize and add users.
  • Enter, review and adjust reports.
  • Create trends yourself.
  • Create and adjust templates.
  • Post notes and make changes.
  • Use of apps.