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Telemetriemodul TC-OEM PS-MEGA

A PS-MEGA control from DC Industrie Elektronik GmbH in Lübeck, operated via web and cloud technology, is now possible with an Inter Act telemetry module, the TC-OEM PS -MEGA.

The telemetry module with serial Modbus interface can be easily connected to a PS-MEGA. It has a built-in M2M modem, which is connected to the SaaS TeleControlNet.

Via TeleControlNet you can now remotely do all settings, that can be done locally on the PS-MEGA.

As usual in TeleControlNet, alarms are forwarded and recorded immediately and, if specified as urgent, also forwarded immediately as a text message. Measurement series are also collected to be displayed as trends in TeleControlNet.

In the TC-OEM PS-MEGA installation manual you can see how you can easily connect the telemetry module to a PS-Mega.

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Telemetriemodul TC-OEM PS-MEGA process screen

Operating and parameterizing a PS-MEGA remotely via TeleControlNet

Telemetriemodul TC-OEM PS-MEGA pump menu

Pump control menu

Telemetriemodul TC-OEM PS-MEGA graph

Water level trend, and pump 1, 2 power consumption

Telemetriemodul TC-OEM PS-MEGA graph

Pump 1,2: total operating hours and total starts