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Protecting high-tech (patented) processes

Protecting high-tech (patented) processes

The patent holder does not want to release all technical details to users about patented processes.


If a vendor agrees on a long-term performance-obligation contract with users, he would like to be able to watch the course of the process remotely. In order to better meet his obligations, he also would like to be able to reset parameters remotely, without having to inform the user in detail about this.


It is easy to realize a local WEBscada operator interface on a TC415 that displays all relevant information for the local user. The link with the TeleControlNet Saas, on the other hand, contains more (analytical) data and setting options for the vendor. This allows the supplier to monitor and fulfill his performance obligation in a simple manner and also saves on any travel costs. We have repeatedly applied this solution for biogas reprocessing installations. Our technology is therefore extremely suitable for high-tech container installations that are often placed abroad.

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