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Benchmarking (biogas) installations

Benchmarking (biogas) installations

Owners of biogas plants want more efficiency from their installations. Process experts can contribute to this because they can learn a lot from process differences between multiple biogas production sites. On the basis of collected measurement data, the efficiency of installations can be considerably increased through timely adjustments.


The installations have mostly been built over time and with different control techniques. Sometimes the operating software is not well described or a program can no longer be accessed because, for example, the supplier no longer exists. Leading all PLC data to a central benchmarking system can become quite expensive in that case.


Inter Act can easily connect TeleControllers to the existing PLCs. If necessary, backwards engineering can determine in which registers the necessary benchmark measurement data can be found. Via the TeleController data buffer (or real-time), measurement data (with small measuring intervals) is routed towards the central benchmark system. The benchmark system is a TeleControlNet based SaaS with customized reports and analysis tools. Biogas experts develop and evaluate the reports and provide advice to the owners of the installations, who can optimize the proces settings and thereby generate more gas.

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