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The benefits of BIG data for Industry 4.0

BIG data analysis leads to smarter decisions, better-designed products, service and systems, potentially more efficient use of resources, and a greater ability to predict future needs.

Inter Acts TeleControllers collect measured data in real time and with its edge computing power capabilities production processes can take learnings along the way. They can be fed back into the process, and adjust accordingly in real or near real time.

Furthermore the TeleControllers collect measured data at remote locations and sent it to the central historical database in TeleControlNet. The measured data has small log intervals and is highly reliable due to advanced automatic validation and edge computing. In this way, BIG data is created that is suitable for many purposes. With BIG data and long-term data analysis you get a better understanding for your processes and you will be able to make predictions. It is the basic requirement for machine learning.

Check out our handout for more details on BIG data processing in TeleControlNet

The benefits of BIG data for Industry 4.0

From BIG data to intelligence

Amongst its primary IoT function, BIG data processing and machine learning is one of the main features of TeleControlNet.

Some practical examples:

  • Smart asset management (prescriptive and condition based maintenance)
  • Predicting process events and failures
  • Detecting leaks (for example, in water distribution networks)
  • Saving on measuring equipment by calculating process variables
  • Advanced (fuzzy) validation of measured data
  • Better and well-founded insight into future investment needs
  • Process quality analysis and modelling

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